Brutto ma Buono Cioccolato LLC ® 
         "Ugly but Good Chocolate" 
We offer the only and most  joyful "Northern Italian style cioccolato" in Eugene...

Handcrafted luxury,​ no wax or preservatives ~ and gluten free!

Creating fine cioccolato is my joy. The journey of these magnificent treasures began as a way to demonstrate my love and appreciation for my family and friends. It was their positive responses and encouragement for my favoloso cioccolato (fabulous chocolate) that led me to create my Brutto ma Buono Cioccolato dharma and express my Italian heritage..my Nonna would be proud!! :)

We offer 6 extraordinary flavors for your palate:
Hazelnut ~ Limoncello ~ Orange Liqueur ~ Brandy ~  Sea Salt ~
 newest flavor ~ Puro (nothing but chocolate,  espresso & joy!!)

These decadent small bites of cioccolato go well with any and all occasions.

Try a piece of Brutto ma Buono Cioccolato (Ugly but Good Chocolate) and discover one of the pleasures of Italian living.

Marilena P. Christie

My Cioccolato Journey ~
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GRAZIE to everyone who came to the OTF in January & to Camp Creek Cellars early part of February & recently to Noble Estate Passion Nights for Valentine Celebration...WOWZA!!!

I will be making cioccolato for the"Brutto Cioccolato Club" members receiving 3 pkgs on March 21st, with their "sorpresa"...:)

Be loving & kind to yourself & others ~ Ciao  

The Four Agreements
1) Be Impeccable With My Word ~
    (a) Stop gossiping, complaining, criticizing myself and others.
    My word is one of the most powerful tools I have. Use my words
    with integrity to say what I mean and speak with truth, love and
    kindness to myself and others....

2) Don't Take Anything Personally ~
    (a) How people treat or speak to me is a projection of who they
    are. It's not about me!! When I am immune to the opinions or actions of
    others, I stop being a victim of needless suffering....

3) Don't Make Assumptions ~
    (a) Build my courage and skills to communicate, ask questions,
    and to express clearly what I really want....

4) Always Do My Best ~
    (a) This will change from moment to moment just commit to
    doing my best in each moment. This action alone eliminates self
    judgment, self-abuse and regrets....
​"Brutto makes life sweeter, The 4 Agreements make life more easy peasy"...