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         "Ugly but Good Chocolate" 
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 Grazie to all who purchase my "Signature 1/4lb packages."...  May you experience the joy & magical love that I infuse into Brutto ma Buono Cioccolato as you allow it to melt in your mouth... Until we meet again I wish you blessings upon blessings...
Ciao & hugs ~ 
Brutto ma Buono Cioccolato LLC

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY BRUTTO CIOCCOLATO CLUB..no cost to join...you receive 3-1/4 pkg's in March & then again in September, with wine selections to pair Brutto with...plus a "SORPRESSA"(surprise)..

Even the minnions LOVE Brutto Cioccolato!!
Pinot n Pumpkin Event at Noble Estate Urban Room 10/2019
Glass of white wine & Brutto... ahhh life is good!
specialty Food Showcase at Marche Provisions 11/20119
Symphony Auction ...2019
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